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Museum of Water, London, England

March 17, 2013


Yesterday I hotfooted it down to the Soho area of London to visit the Museum of Water, a live artwork by Amy Sharrocks. I was happy to find that the museum had popped-up, for 3 days only, next to the Memorial Broad Street Pump on the corner of Broadwick Street and Poland Street. The website […]

Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel

March 14, 2013


Thank you to Jassie in Jerusalem for this interesting look round the Museum on the Seam, a socio-political contemporary art museum. The Museum on the Seam is on the border between East and West Jerusalem. It was built in 1932 as a family home, but starting in 1948 it served as an army outpost on […]

Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, USA

February 27, 2013


It was my first trip to Washington DC and like many others I flocked straight to the National Mall to visit a place that has been broadcasted across the world. Through historic events and movies this is an area most people will recognise. It was almost like being a child again, you know that feeling […]

Jozef Maximilián Petzval Museum, Slovak Technical Museum, Košice, Slovak Republic

February 24, 2013


Thanks to the fascinating Vasatransmedia blog for this tour of the The Jozef Maximilián Petzval Museum of the History of Photography and Cinematography, part of the Slovak Technical Museum… One thing I love about traveling is stumbling upon unique and interesting places where you least expect them. Our Slovakian guide Dusan mentioned to my traveling […]

Museu Europeu d’Art, Barcelona, Spain

February 19, 2013


Today we take a poetic meander through the Museu Europeu d’Art with Anticoncensus… I wonder if you know the feeling. It’s a sentiment of having had your expectations disappointed throughout your whole life to the point that you start to think that what you had been waiting for simply does not exist. And then you […]

Singapore Philatelic Museum, Singapore

February 14, 2013


A thousand thankyous to Daeng Rizam at the Lonely Travelog for todays post on the Singapore Philatelic Museum. If you’re an avid stamp collector, Philatelic Museum provides in-depth sight of postal history and its stamps from all over the world. I find this is one of the quirkiest museums in Singapore. The first philatelic museum […]

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England

February 12, 2013


Thanks to Emily Peirson Webber for an eye opening trip around the Anglo-Saxon royal burial site ar Sutton Hoo. The striking Anglo Saxon helmet motif on the front of the exhibition hall at Sutton Hoo, the Anglo-Saxon royal burial site, Weybridge, Suffolk © National Trust Images/Ian Shaw Despite being one of the greatest archaeological […]