The Museum of Curiosity at Pertwee, Anderson and Gold, London, England

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T’other day I had the pleasure to meander down to The Museum of Curiosity, a pop-up show at Pertwee, Anderson & Gold‘s Soho gallery.exhibiition list, Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Artefact Triptych by Nancy Foutsexhibition list, Pertwee, Anderson & GoldTwo-headed calf

The calf is apparently one of the most common examples of polycephaly, the rarity of a creature born with 2 heads makes it a novelty. These creatures are often surrounded by myth and superstition. The label quotes Chuck Palahniuk ‘What we don’t understand we can make mean anything.’ 

albinos monocled cobraAlbinos Monocled Cobra by Naja Kaouthia

The cobras are on sale at £750. In the background you can see works by Butch Anthony, a fascinating character, he collects unusual objects and displays them at the Museum of Wonder – I want to go!
NancyFoutsclockSpring Cleaning by Giles WalkercrowwitheyeCrow with Eye by Nancy Fouts (yours for only £3,000) skullStill Smiling by Nancy Fouts

The was probably the work that made me smile the most. I think if I have falsies when I’m older I’ll adopt this an an overnight storage method. artefact nancy foutsArtifact Board by Nancy Fouts

The level of detail in this just draws me in and the inner magpie just leaps out.paradise was boringParadise was Boring by Nancy Fouts

I’d never heard of Nancy Fouts before, but it is not a name that I’ll easily forget. Her use of religious artifacts, taxidermy and surreal placement of objects left me with a grin from ear to ear.

basementDown in the basement there are further installations and an old time projector, the lighting jsut adds to the mood of the place.

projectionsexhibition listChanging the Lightbulb by Giles Walker

What can I say. This is either your thing or it isn’t. I loved it and would highly recommend you go and soak up the atmosphere. Most of the artefacts are for sale and once I save up and have my country house and pied a terre I’ll be back to invest. The place is reminiscent of the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA which we’ll visit early next year.

Entry Fee: Free

Location: 15 Bateman Street, Soho, London, W1D 3AQ