Kids in Museums – Takeover Day 2012, Great Britain

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Next week will see children throughout the UK involved in Takeover Day, where they will literally take over various roles in museums and make them their own. This exciting event is a part of the Kids In Museums campaign focused on making museums, galleries and heritage sites more open and inclusive for children and families. the exhibition listTaken from

The incident at the Aztec exhibition discussed above took place in 2003 and the campaign has gathered force since then. I’m going to be volunteering at the National Maritime Museum where the young people have organised their own project – even I don’t know what it is!

Are you in the UK? Is your local museum taking part?

Do you have children?

What do you think about children in museums?

Is there anything similar in your country?

It’s great to hear different peoples point of view, please feel free to comment below. There are various events taking place for Takeover Day in England, Scotland and Wales. You can read the Kids In Museums Manifesto here and find out which museums have signed up to it. If you think this is a worthwhile cause, why not volunteer or start something similar where you live?the exhibition list