Historic “Guido” Coal Mine, Zabrze, Poland

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Let’s take a trip with the Silesia Explorer deep into the historic Guido coal mines of Zabrze.

Coal is the product, which made Silesia rich one day. Now a lot of coal mines are closed, and visitors can go to guided trip down to see what it is about – production and output of coal. The mine is called Guido in honor of the founder of the mine. It is situated in Zabrze – town in Silesian agglomeration, close to Gliwice.

the exhibition list8 persons stay in narrow elavator, feeling breath of neighbor person, in full darkness, hearing rumble of metal construction. Welcome to hell!!

Horrible experience! As former volunteers told in their blog: ”I don’t want to die here, please”.

the exhibition listthe exhibition listWe took this terrifying elevator several times. First part of excursion is on level 170 m below. Second – 320 m!

the exhibition listGuide talked to us not in Polish,but in Silesian language. He is former miner. All the time he told jokes, during tour jokes started to be more and more open and dirty.

the exhibition listFirst part of tour is quite safe and boring, connected to history of mine, technology of output of coal, working instruments and conditions.

Zabytkowa Kopalnia Guido, the exhibition listWe got to know that horses were working, living, eating and dying in mine. All life in darkness.

the exhibition listZabytkowa Kopalnia Guido, the exhibition listBut the second part of tour – by your own eyes you can observe how enormous mining machines work. Machine is 10 times larger than person. We saw long working conveyors. We walked with bended back along short and narrow corridors.

Zabytkowa Kopalnia Guido, the exhibition listZabytkowa Kopalnia Guido, the exhibition listAlso we met Skarbnik. Skarbnik is the ghost, living in mine (actually in each mine). If miner behaves well, works silently and respects nature, Skarbnik shows to miner treasures. If not – it’s better not to behave bad.

the exhibition listMystery is everywhere in dangerous conditions of work. St. Barbara is the patron of miners.

As for me 3-hours excursion was really tiring. After it I came back home and just sleep for several hours in day time. Maybe, the speed of elevator was very high, what causes pressure jump, or we were really deep, or it doesn’t have enough oxygen, but a lot of coal dust. Anyway, this museum is worth to visit, and take care about yourself.

It was our second mine with Maria, we were before in Silver mine in Tarnowskie Gory. First mine impressed us more – because it was simply the first. Mines are different. I can not advise where you had better visit. Both of them are life-long memories.

Entry Fee: 31 PLN for both mines

Location: ul. 3 Maja 93, Zabrze, Poland