ARoS Kunstmuseum, Århus, Denmark

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Jasmine Siu takes us on a fabulous visual tour of the ARoS Kunstmuseum in Denmark, you can read more at her adorable blog Paper, Pencil & Pixels.

The ARos Kunstmuseum is one of the most intriguing, exciting, and spookiest art museums I’ve ever been.
the exhibition listThis brick-red cube sits squarely at a distance five minutes away from the central station of Aarhus. The rainbow ring – both colourful and inviting – poses a stark contrast to the rest of the building, but interestingly, gave it a touch of modernity that befits the architecture as the house of modern art.

the exhibition listthe exhibition listThis is a mirror installation designed by Søren Elgaard who angled the mirrors to reflect the many colorful paintings in the exhibition hall. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

the exhibition listthe exhibition listthe exhibition list, denmarkthe exhibition listthe exhibition listthe exhibition listRed is absolutely my favorite color here in the spectrum. Now, look at how big this boy is!

the exhibition listthe exhibition listthe exhibition listThis is when I started to get spooked by the exhibits …

the exhibition listCan you understand this?

the exhibition listReally?

 the exhibition listthe exhibition listThe 9 Spaces Exhibition: this is where I got really, really spooked. Mostly cause I’m afraid of corridors but really there is something about the Faces exhibition that made me feel uncomfortable and when I walked into this hall I just wasn’t ready. The nine spaces, as you could have guessed, meant this hall has nine distinctively themed rooms that are meant to give visitors a complete experience in perception and feeling once they’ve gone through the entire exhibition. Well, they made it. I literally ran out from one of the rooms, how embarrassing haha ;-P So, no pictures for this one, go and experience the exhibition yourself.

the exhibition list


Entry Fee: DKK 100

Location: Aros Allé 2, DK-8000, Århus C, Denmark