Currywurst Museum, Berlin, Germany

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I’m happy to report that on a recent trip to Berlin I had the good fortune to visit the Currywurst Museum. For those of you who have not yet made one of life’s ultimate discoveries – Currywurst is Curried Sausage. If you like food, you’ll love currywurst – If you like museums, you’ll laugh, cry and repeat at the Currywurst Museum. exhibition listAs you walk into the museum you can discover how many Currywurst are eaten per year simply by glancing at the ticker.the exhibition listTake a walk over to the stand and listen in to the ketchup bottles, you can hear some wonderfully German songs about curried sausage. Further along there is a smelling point where you have to guess the smell, if you’re like me you’ll approach with caution. the exhibition listAs ever I don’t want to give everything away as you’ll hopefully visit the magnificent city of Berlin someday, you can go behind the scenes and learn about the history of Currywurst in context. Above all the museum has a sense of fun, you’re encouraged to use all of your senses and really explore the philosophy of Currywurst and food in general. the exhibition listYou are invited to peer into various fridges and explore peoples eating habits, above you will see what my fridge looked like in my first year of university. Now, of course, I frown upon microwave meals, unless M&S have prepared them for me, then I won’t complain. the exhibition listWe get the pleasure of stepping into Herta Heuwer’s living room, the creator of Chillup sauce. But the real hero is Lena Brucker, the inventor of currywurst, can only be described as a legend, she opened a fast food stand in 1947, just 2 years after World War 2 ended. How did she come up with this magical recipe? For that you will have to visit the museum – needless to say it was an exciting yet perilous moment in history…

No modern museum would be complete without a mention of the environment and here is no exception – we learn about the ecological life of the paper dish necessary for currywurst consumption.

Location: Schützenstraße 70, 10117, Berlin – it’s really near Checkpoint Charlie, so you can combine the trip!

Entry Fee: 7-11 Euros – you get a free sample included!

If you’re headed to Berlin it’d be worth getting the Berlin Pass