100 Curators 100 Days, Saatchi Online, Your Armchair

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the exhibition list

Saatchi Online has launched a new project where 100 curators will select artworks by 10 of the most promising 60,000 artists exhibiting on their website, this began on the 19th July 2012 and continues for 100 days. The purpose of the website is to give artists an international platform  to get recognised and sell their work online, without representation. It is also a great place to explore what kind of work is available for purchase! Here are 10 of my favourites…

Images are taken from Saatchi Online

the exhibition listWish You Were Here

by Sam Mogelonsky, Toronto, Canada. Light Sculpture. $3750

the exhibition listEmotional Distance

by Andrew Paranavitana, Victoria, Australia. Photography. Prints $90-$290

the exhibition listModern Arcadia

by Jaap De Vries, Noord Brabant, Netherlands. Painting. Prints from $55-109

the exhibition listBlue Idea

by Tron Morsund, Dublin, Ireland. Photography. $41-155

exhibition listSirens

by Giorgios Achilleos, Nicosia, Cyprus. Mixed Media. $127-293

exhibition list


by Roy Waggestad, Oslo, Norway. Collage. £55-444

the exhibition list


by Guidoni Bouzat Cecile, Marseille, France. Collage $1515

exhibition list


by Olga Novokhatska, Paris, France. Painting. Prints $20-119

the exhibition list

Beautiful Time

by Yasser Ballemans, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Sculpture. $18,200

the exhibition list


by Franz Falckenhaus, Krakow, Poland. Collage. $20-149