Tatton Park Historic Estate, Cheshire, England

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Today’s blog on the Tatton Park Historic Estate in Cheshire, England comes from Linda at Service Innovation Cases.

Tatton Park brings together history, art and wildlife in a beautiful 1000 acre country park. Just 30 minutes’ drive south of Manchester, Tatton is one of many historic estates in England and home of the Egerton family since the early 18th Century. This is a view of the mansion house from the gardens

The neo-classical mansion contains collections from successive generations of Egertons including fine art, books, furnishings and ceramics, many of which can be seen in the online collection at the National Trust Collections website.

The tour of the mansion also includes visits to the kitchens and servants quarters reminding us of the pivotal role of the ‘lower classes’ in creating such grandeur. The house is situated in a beautiful 50 acre garden which has a wonderful collection of rhododendrons, shown here in full bloom in early summer.

A large kitchen garden provides the fruit, vegetables and herbs for the family and the excellent visitor’s restaurant.

A contemporary art exhibition in the gardens added a touch of drama and two pieces in particular caught my attention. The first was a bridge held aloft by three helium balloons, there is no way on to the bridge and no way off. Situated in the Japanese garden it is a perfect spot for personal reflection.

Pont de Singe by Olivier Grossetete

The second was a giant head by Brass Art called Trine Messenger. This seven metre long white construction sits in stark contrast to the natural pond and beautiful historic gardens. The man in the picture looks quite small against the giant construction.

For more detail about the artists and other works see http://www.tattonparkbiennial.org/artists/

Beyond the gardens is a 1000 acre parkland which is home to hundreds of red and fallow deer. They are quite tame; this picture was taken without a zoom lens standing just opposite the deer, the one in the middle of the picture looks just as curious about us as we are of him!

There is much to see at the historic estate including a rare breed’s animal farm and an old Tudor mansion not mentioned above. Well worth a day out!

Entry Fee:  Parkland, restaurants and shops FREE. Entry to the Mansion, Gardens and Farm. £10 adult and £5 child for all three. Car parking £5.

Location: Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6QN