The Haggin Museum, Stockton, California, USA

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Thanks goes to the Live Love FashionBaby blog for todays post on The Haggin Museum from a fresh perspective that made me smile

A few weeks ago I decided to visit a museum- no, not because it was a random act. Actually it was extra credit for my Art class, so to the museum I went LOL!  I bribed my sister to go with me (by doing a photo shoot of her for her senior pictures afterwards), so off we went. Since we were was there, I decided to pull out the camera and make the experience into a future blog post, so here it is ;] The picture above was one of the first exhibits they had there. I have always been sort of freaked out by those porcelain dolls, so this was my least favorite display lol, is it just me or do they seem like they stare into your soul?!

They had quite a few exhibits that I really liked- like a temporary WW2 exhibit, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures there :( They also had native american artifacts that were pretty neat that me and my sister took pictures with. Below is my impersonation of the tee-pee behind me:

Then this is me fondling this native american guys boobies lol XD

My sister touching his butt:

I threw this one in there because I like how interested my sister looks here lol. Can you imagine being in a classroom like that most of the day trying to learn anything? My bum would hurt after a few minutes, cant imagine sitting there all day!

Below is a replica of a hair saloon, idk whats up with the cups:

This was a random sitting area they had there, I asked my sister to take a quick photo:

This is us outside of the museum, after a very short stay there (a total of about an hour). I am planning on going back to enjoy the exhibits more thoroughly- we got there an hour before their closing so we were super rushed. The experience was a good one, I’m actually a museum fan (that’s my boring granny side speaking), but I find it all so interesting! Idk, I’m weird like that I guess hehe.

[idk means I don’t know – I had to look that up]

Entry Fee: $5

Location: Victory Park , 1201 N. Pershing Ave, Stockton, CA 95203