The Wild West: Superstition Mountain Museum and Apacheland

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A fantastic journey into the Wild West – hope to make it there myself one day!

K8 Librarian

Dear Students,

This morning found us in Apache Junction near Lost Dutchman State Park. The Superstition Mountain Historical Society  is open 7 days a week, from 9AM. We pulled in at 9:15 and found the place uncrowded. The Superstition Mountain Museum is free for children 16 and under. Adults are $5.00, students (with ID) are $2.00.  With the cost of our overnight campsite, our weekend getaway was $16.00. $6.00 for the campsite and $10.00 for our morning touring the Apacheland movie set and the Historical Society grounds and museum. A full weekend for a bargain price.

I wish every historical society was set in such an exciting location. Normally my poor boys play with my phone while I browse (for too long) the books. Outside a horse was hitched to a post and the Muleskinners were assembling for their choreographed shoot-out.

The Superstition Historical Society has a busy calendar of…

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